In addition to CEUs, we provide custom training for staff.

Areas of specialty include:

  • Understanding behavior
  • Behavior interventions teams
  • Memory
  • Dementia
  • Administration and management issues

Continuing Education Units

California Department of Social Services approved CEU's are provided on the following topics:

  • Suicide Awareness (1 hour)
  • Grief: Five Stages of Caring (1 hour)
  • Effective Communication (2 hours with workshop)
  • Resilience in Staff and Clients (1 hour)
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries (1 hour)
  • Stress (1 hour)
  • Dementia (8 hours)
  • Understanding Behavior (2 hours)
  • Elderly and Spirituality (1 hour)
  • Elder Functional Analysis and Intervention Teams (2 to 3 hours)
  • Common Psychological Disorders in Elderly (2 hours)
  • Effective and Efficient Administrative Skills (1 hour)
  • Evaluations and Improvement Plans for Personnel (1 hour)
  • Managing and Supervising (1 hour)
  • HIV/AIDS (3 hours)
  • Boundaries – Teaching Staff Boundaries (1 hour)
  • Bi-Polar Disorder (1 hour)
  • Emergency Procedures (1 hour)
  • Disaster Preparedness (1 hour)
  • How to Deal with Aggressive Elderly (1 hour)
  • Best Practices in Technology for Administrators (1 hour)
  • Community Resources (1 hour)
Continuing Education Units


Our goal is to recommend ways to capitalize on the student’s strengths and interests thereby inspiring them to learn.  Knowing children have special interests and strengths means instruction can be individualized, learning internalized, and outcomes predicted.  Inspire students to achieve.



IEP, Inc. is a non-profit corporation with over 25 years in education and 8 graduate degrees. They know the value of an excellent education and importance of being a life-long learner.  Success in education begins with understanding academic, cognitive, processing, social strengths and challenges, and builds on the individual's strengths. 

Dr. Turner oversees psychology consultants and educational psychologist interns.  He serves on the Board of the California Association of School Psychologists (CASP).  He has received the CASP Scientist-Practitioner Award.  In addition he teaches graduate and undergraduate courses and is certified and highly trained in the areas of:

  • Behavior interventions and modifications 
  • Crisis response and intervention 
  • Traumatic brain injury 
  • Grief counseling 
  • Nonviolent crisis intervention (Trainer) 
  • Behavior intervention case manager 
  • Psycho-educational assessments.