Professor Turner

The most rewarding profession is teaching.  I am very blessed to have served as an adjunct faculty member at Chapman University, Palm Desert Extension; Alliant International University, Los Angeles; and Copper Mountain College, Joshua Tree.  These days I continue teaching General Psychology at College of the Desert, Palm Desert and occasionally guest lecture several times a year to local school psychology programs.  Like no other field, teaching gives back as much and sometimes more than you give it.

In my opinion, the best course in college is Psychology 101.  In this course students are introduced to theories of behavior, personalities, motivation and more.  It is without a doubt the most enjoyable course I teach. 


A vision is not what we are, but what we hope to be.  We may not get there, but the goal is to have an end in sight; to plan to achieve it; and to have the courage to try.  Ultimately that is what we hope to provide for every student we serve.