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Will your child be successful in life and their career?

education planning

Given your efforts and hard work to ensure an excellent education for your child, we understand you expect maximum return for your efforts.  IEP, Inc. gives your student the tools, skills, resources, and insights to reach the pinnacle of achievement.  By a thorough evaluation using standardized assessment tools, your child's strengths are aligned with educational goals and resources available at his/her school. 

We assist:

  • An intelligent student who suddenly struggles in one or more academic subjects.
  • A student who looses interest in school.
  • A student who finds school difficult.
  • A student who needs guidance in choice of higher education and career options.
  • A student who desires to understand how s/he best learns.
  • A special education student not passing courses.
  • A student suspended or expelled for behavior no one understands.
  • A student who requires improved social skills.

If your student is failing to achieve academically, behaviorally, and/or socially, contact us.  The mission of IEP Inc. is to provide quality assessments, recommendations, and interventions at a reasonable cost.

Contact us at:

Telephone: 951-453-8721


Address: IEP, Inc., 68472 Madrid Road, Cathedral City, CA 92234



Language, writing, and calculation are humanity’s oldest cultural artifacts.  As foundations of civilization they allow us to record experiences and exciting discoveries.  They are prerequisites for preserving and building on them.  Parents and school must work together to create an environment where these endeavors are valued and supported on a daily basis.  Our assessments and reports provide direction