To address academic, social, emotional, and behavioral deficits using evidence-based practices, curriculum, instruction, assessment, and services that focus on closing learning gaps, building on student strengths, promoting intellectual and personal growth, and preparing students for a productive future.


Our relatively small size (only 4 school) is a strength and a challenge.  Our teacher to student ratio, researched based curriculum, and highly motivated teachers provide students with a superior learning environment.  However, it also limits the extraordinary resources often provide in much larger public school districts.  For example, we currently operate no Special Day Classes (SDC).  A typical special education student receives 50 minutes of service 4 times a week.  Counseling, Speech therapy, and limited Occupational Therapy is also available.  If you have questions about our ability to meet your student's needs contact Dr. Jerry Turner our Lead Program Specialist at 

Attention to Student

The Special Education Department provides support in the general education classroom.  This in-class support ensures your student is exposed to our outstanding grade level instruction while providing minimal assistance to ensure s/he is challenged.  Our special education teachers monitor student progress and provide the right support  and clear feedback to students, teachers, and parents aiding students to become productive and effective citizens.

The objective is to shape the future.  In a time when trends attract huge followings there is a need for enduring values, love of tradition, and the challenge to blaze new trails.  Identifying strengths and challenges allows students to advance with the desire to create something which one day can be passed to the next generation.