A Guide for Interns and First Year Psychologists

Authored by Dr. Jerry L. Turner

"Dr. Turner's book is an excellent first step in the right direction. It is an example of his commitment to doing what is right for students. I found the sections on assessment and the IEP process particularly enlightening. This book would be an informative read for any individual involved in the IEP process."
- William Shupe, M.A., NPS Principal

"Dr. Turner has written a comprehensive book that can save many interns, first year school psychologists, and even seasoned veterans valuable time if his strategies are utilized. Many people (professionals too) confuse activity with being successful and effective. However, many school psychologists are so busy running from meeting to meeting and are in "stomping out fires" mode and the day is over before they knew it started. They are very active, but not very effective. Dr. Turner shows us how planned activity and organization are effective. Dr. Turner provides us with a common sense model of how to learn good professional habits and make them a part of our professional and daily life."
- Roger McCoy, School Psychologist for Riverside County SELPA


Creating an individual profile which distinguishes the student from every other student is important so teachers and administrators will attend to the student’s individual strengths and challenges.  This is foremost as we create the student’s educational plan.