Educational Planning

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Educational success is dependent on early and correct planning

education planning

Discovering educational aptitude and creating an academic plan which maximizes strengths and interest is the quickest and easiest path to educational success. 

We work with students from elementary through college admissions, identifying academic, social/emotional, and cognitive aptitudes.  With student and parents, we create a tailored and individualized education plan.

IEP, Inc. offers:

  • Cognitive Assessment - More than IQ, this is how the student reasons and adapts new information.
  • Processing Assessment - Processing of information greatly affects working memory, cognitive speed, and integration of new material.
  • Social and Emotional Assessment - More than personality type, discover where and how the student can best function socially.
  • Career/Vocational Assessment - Identifies careers most suited for the student's strengths.
  • Academic Assessment - Tells why certain areas are a struggle.
  • Strengths Assessment - Enhancing strengths is the quickest way to success.

These services may be provided independently or in conjunction with others. Each includes a comprehensive written explanation of results and integration of all other assessments, educational and developmental history (if provided), and recommendations.

We have a comprehensive five year plan (8th through 12th grade) which includes all the above items, individual and group consulting, comprehensive reports, regular meetings with student and parents.  Click here for a pdf outlining the five year academic consulting plan and cost.   

As a Licensed Educational Psychologist (Lic# 2966), Dr. Turner can administer advanced cognitive, processing, academic, and social emotional assessments not available to guidance counselors. 

Contact us at:

Telephone: 951-453-8721


Address: IEP, Inc., 68472 Madrid Road, Cathedral City, CA 92234

discovering a story

Discovering a Story

Deeply rooted in the culture of education and with a responsibility to parents and students, we are dedicated to creating the environment and conditions for inspiring students to find their uniqueness.  Capitalizing on strengths, overcoming challenges, and developing individuality unlocks creativity; encourages innovation in learning; and motivates students to envision who they may become.