Table of Contents

Chapter 1       Students Who Learn Differently   

Chapter 2       What Is A 504 Plan? 

Chapter 3       What Special Education Is and Is Not 

Chapter 4       Beginning the Qualification Process 

Chapter 5       Assessments, Surveys, And Other Information in Psycho-

                        Educational Reports 

Chapter 6       How to Read A Psycho-Educational Report 

Chapter 7       Thirteen Qualifying Categories

Chapter 8       IEP Meetings

Chapter 9       How to Read an IEP 

Chapter 10     Parental Rights

Chapter 11      Implementing the IEP 

Chapter 12     What to Expect from Teachers 

Chapter 13     Special Education Across the Grades 

Chapter 14     Requesting Additional or Different Support

Chapter 15     Behavior Issues 

Chapter 16     Social/Emotional Issues

Chapter 17      Requesting an Independent Educational Evaluation

Chapter 18     Appeal Process (Mediation and Fair Hearing)

Chapter 19     Tracking Student Performance (Three-Year Audit)

Chapter 20     Inconsistencies from School to School

Appendix:      Special Education Acronyms