Proper Care

Intellectual stimulation and engagement in cognitive exercises helped delay the onset of dementia for approximately nine years, according to the study results from the Mayo Clinic research. The level of education had no bearing on protection against Alzheimer’s. To put it another way, those individuals with little or no education are also able to perform mental gymnastics and exercises to help stave of the onset of dementia and particularly Alzheimer’s. That is a re-affirmation of the old adage, it is never too late to learn.

A known method of keeping your body healthy longer is exercise. One can perform exercises for the brain and delay the onset of dementia with proper treatment, such as learning and practicing how to play a musical instrument,  juggling or playing chess.

There are 10 early indicators and manifestations of Alzheimer’s. Memory loss, forgetting recently acquired information, forgetting important dates such as birthdays or anniversaries, forgetting a recipe, being unable to keep track of monthly bills, and being unable to concentrate or stay focused on a task are challenges in planning or solving problems. These are all issues found in those with dementia. Other examples include such things as not being able to complete a familiar task, or not remembering the rules of a game like Monopoly. Also forgetting where they are or how they got to a particular place, not knowing how much time has passed during a day, or not remembering what season it is, are known as a confusion of time and place.

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