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 Ventura Presentation PowerPoint

Parent Checklist

Here are two Mail Merge Videos - Using Mail Merge Wizard and Mail Merge Simple

BSP forms  Teacher's forms and BSP Template

CASP Presentation Handout

Shift "F5" - After opening Word press this combination of keys and Word takes you to the last place you edited the document. Go back to where you were when you closed the document.

Dr. Turner's 50 Rules For Better Case Management

Case folder - A folder to start every assessment - updated 8-11-13

Justification for "F" Grade - Word

Justification for "F" Grade - PDF

Team Viewer - Remote access to another computer

David Allen - author of Getting Things Done

Get It Done podcast - hosted by Stever Robbins

CutePDF - Free PDF Writer

Zero Your Inbox - Theory and best practice to empty your email inbox, authored by Merlin Mann

PAR's - age calculator, conversions, stopwatch, compliance calculator, and more online.

Mail Merge

Lifehacker's recommendation for text replacement software

Create a Rule in Outlook 2003

Psycho-educational Template for SLD, Tri

Database for above template - for use with mail merge

Agenda - For IEP Meeting

Nameplate - For IEP Meeting

Dyslexie - a computer font that is dyslexic friendly



Template for 524 and 544

Excel Database for template



The objective of innovation is to shape the future.  In a time when trends attract huge followings there is a need for enduring values, love of tradition, and the challenge to blaze new trails.  Identifying strengths and challenges allows students to advance with the desire to create something which one day can be passed to the next generation.